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Here are some examples of some of the earned media exposure for our clients:


COSMOPOLITAN, Exclusive Matchmaking (

IMM Client - CABP Flats on Nations Restaurant News

“Cabo Flats is among the young chains bringing new life to casual dining.”

IMM on US News

7 (Recently Extended) Tax Breaks That Will Save Taxpayers Money

You know all those tax breaks that were scheduled to expire at the end of 2014? More than 50 of them didn’t expire after all but were extended at the last minute by Congress and the president with the Tax Increase Prevention Act, which was signed Dec. 19, 2014.

IMM on the Business Journal

TooJay’s Gourmet Deli nears opening at SunTrust Financial Centre

TooJay’s Gourmet Deli, a New York-style delicatessen chain, is on track to open at SunTrust Financial Centre on June 23.

IMM on

Cabo Flats Cantina and Tequila Bar to Open Third Restaurant

Stuart, FL  (  Cabo Flats Cantina and Tequila Bar ( is excited to announce it will be opening a third location at the historic Rookie’s building at the foot of the Roosevelt Bridge at 423 S.E. Federal Highway.

IMM on the Palm beach Post

Multimillion-dollar trial begins over claim that cancer victim could have been saved | Video

WEST PALM BEACH — Jury selection continued Tuesday for a second day in a federal court trial accusing a national lab of causing the 2011 cancer death of a Wellington woman by not correctly reading her pap smears.

Attorneys had hoped to have opening statements Monday but those hopes were dashed when they couldn’t agree on a panel.

IMM on the New York Post

Tax Deffense Network “Refunds won’t supercharge economy: study”

It’s a no-fun refund.

Looking for a nice little boost to the city’s economy from madcap taxpayers strewing their refund cash left and right like drunken flower girls?

You’re too late. By about a year.

IMM on the Boston Globe

Taxpayers advised to file early to fight fraud

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Income tax season started Friday for individual taxpayers, and while many might not be in a hurry to file their returns, it’s a sure bet that criminals are poised to push the send button and transmit bogus documents.

IMM on Forbes

Forbes, S3 Sports Academy

Four-time Olympic sprint medalist and NFL Combine trainer Ato Boldon shares Stevan Ridley’s story with every class of NFL-hopefuls he has the chance to influence. When the current New England Patriots running back arrived to work with Boldon a few years ago, the signs were quite bleak.  Ridley hardly appeared to be an individual fit to play at a high level in the NFL.

IMM on Business Newa Daily

Business News Daily, Tax Defense Network Tips – 4 You Might Forget About

With just two months until April 15, many small businesses are in the process of preparing their federal and state tax returns. Jessie Seaman, who leads the business tax team at the Tax Defense Network, said it’s important that business owners know all of the deductions they can take to ensure they aren’t paying more to Uncle Sam than they absolutely have to.

Youth Infusion on the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, Infusion Sciences (Youth Infusion)

When Linda Collinson developed a natural skincare line, LaCrista Natural Skincare, from her home more than 20 years ago, her small business grew quickly.  Her product line mushroomed and was ultimately carried in major retail chains and other stores across the country and globally. Staffed solely by family, her husband, son and daughter, Linda could have easily retired when she sold the business for a healthy seven-figure number.

IMM Client - AppSuite on The Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach Post, Appsuite “Fast-growing AppSuite helps restaurants build customer loyalty”

In the third floor executive suite of the One Boca Place business complex is the 700-square-foot room where you’ll find Jim Daleen’s latest business operation.

The 53-year-old AppSuite co-founder’s desk is one of six tucked into the office, where cubicle partitions give an illusion of privacy.

Media Exposure and Your Business

We live in a unique age where technology has grown our ability to process and deliver information to a point where the avenues are almost limitless. What used to be a world where information traveled at a snail’s pace, now we live in an age where the process is instantaneous and spread across multiple mediums of deliver. Businesses used to rely on word of mouth, until it became apparent that media exposure was a far more viable option with far greater results.

The media exposure definition is simple: bring something to light through a means of communication that reaches large numbers of people, such as television, newspaper, and radio. Of course, we can add the internet to that as well. Countless networks around the world broadcast news stories to billions of people on a daily basis. That kind of concentrated flow of information is invaluable to a fledgling business looking to spread their influence. To add their own stories to that flow is the key to reaching massive amounts of people in a short amount of time.

The Theories of Media Exposure

There is a scientific approach to how people make decision. When exposed to various forms of media, there is a psychological process that takes place. Because of this, there are two different theories on how and why this occurs and offers explanations why such exposure causes us to make decisions accordingly. The fact of the matter is that this is a huge opportunity to spread the news about your business.

According to the 2007 US Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract of the United States, adults and teens spent almost five months, or 3,518 hours of their time over the course of a year watching television, browsing the internet, reading newspapers, and listening to the radio. Each second of that time, multiplied by the people of the world, is an opportunity to reach potential customers. Below are the two major theories on this subject and an explanation of their concepts.

1. The Uses and Gratifications Theory

This is an incredibly popular theory which is based on the assumption that users are constantly seeking to satisfy their media needs. Elihu Katz is typically credited with the creation of this theory which posits that individuals will choose the media, or form of it that will satisfy their desires most completely. These desires range from a need for social interaction, to the need to gain information and knowledge.

When these desires emerge, individuals must make a decision. In the case of social networking, the choice is made based on the current mood, but when choosing between television, the internet, and a newspaper, it becomes more complicated. Regardless, the decision will be fueled based on whatever the person believes will provide them with the most gratification.

2. The Social Learning Theory

This theory is similar to the one above, however there is a clear difference between the two. While this theory is based on the gratification of the individual, it is not based on decision making, it instead looks to behavior. Developed by Albert Bandura, this theory revolves around decisions being made based on anticipation. Previous experience will inform the individual of what has caused gratification in the past, and therefore will influence their decision in the present.

For example, if someone typically enjoys the fast pacing of a news broadcast, then they will be more likely to pursue that form of media in the future, instead of say, reading a newspaper. This theory is also reliant on the influence of others close to the individual. If a friend or significant other recommends a specific form of media or network, the person is more likely to choose that one when faced with a decision.

Mixing Theory and Practice For Ultimate Results

At Insider Media Management, media exposure is just one of the services available to businesses that are seeking massive mainstream attention. As the country’s premiere PR and publicity firm, the team of experienced journalists and news seek to “bring the newsroom to your boardroom”. A simple examination of your business will allow the talented individuals to find valid news angles that networks and media outlets will be unable to resist.

The expert writers and storytellers at Insider Media can bring your business to the forefront of television, newspapers, magazines, and online outlets. To ensure long-term success, the firm also provides top notch media management training which educates clients on the nuances of the industry and how to maximize exposure. This exposure will not only provide a venue for advertisement and information, but it will also help to establish the company’s brand and vision.

Through this, the vast population will begin to know and understand the vision of the company, and this seed grows immensely fast as organic growth is achieved in addition to growth fueled by the benefits of mass exposure. With the help of Insider Media Management, businesses evolve and grow into their true potential.