Our Difference is Our Foundation

Insider Media Management is a public relations, social media marketing and advertising firm led by an award-winning news journalist who knows how to tell your story. At Insider Media, we believe every business has a story. Those stories generate a deeper connection with a customer base than the familiar tactics of standard press releases, overused advertising messages and marketing 101 tools. Our full-service communications campaigns work to deliver the story – the brand.

Partnering with Insider Media Management means your are hiring your brand’s journalists who are able to find, develop, mold, and utilize your stories as the fuel behind publicity and digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns increase brand awareness, credibility, and best unite your message with your customer to achieve your goals.

We develop an integrated marketing strategy which allow us to continuously utilize multiple tools to deliver a more powerful message for our clients. Whether we are providing social media, SEO or media relations services, Insider Media’s storytelling ideology powers our content marketing.

Our strategists integrate into your business. The goals: help increase sales and dominate your competition. Our clients will tell you that their customer base expanded and brand reputation increased because of the tailor-made ideas and exposure delivered by Insider Media.

We represent clients nationwide and businesses of all sizes. We’ve worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs, sports celebrities, law firms, executive chefs, national brands, restaurants, medical centers, and more. Insider Media brings the newsroom to your boardroom.

IMM in the field