Public Relations in South Florida

Public Relations in South Florida

Public Relations in South Florida was first connected with the area’s primary source of revenue: tourism and hospitality. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach have long been destination spots for visitors from around the globe. Hotels, restaurants and clubs focused much of their PR efforts around special events and refining the look, appeal, and reputation of their businesses. The glitz and glamour of South Florida fueled the need for businesses to increase their public and media reputation.

While Public Relations in South Florida has kept to its roots of high level event PR, and hospitality & luxury PR, over the last 10 years, the area has been earmarked by celebrities and the entertainment industry as a place to see and be seen. As we all know, when celebrities are involved, that person or the business associated with them better have a good public relations team to best utilize the person’s popularity and manage any crisis communications events.  South Florida Public Relations has also seen growth in the areas of: banking, real estate, crisis communications and technology PR.


Size and Opportunity of Public Relations in South Florida

South Florida’s media markets are comprised of two major DMA’s (Designated Market Areas): The Miami – Ft. Lauderdale market, which is the 16th largest market in the country out of 210, the West Palm Beach – Ft. Pierce market, the 38th largest out of 210. There are significant opportunities for companies to make their mark and remain as the top of mind in the area by utilizing good media relations practices.

The South Florida media market is comprised of several successful businesses but pales in comparison to markets such as New York and Los Angeles. South Florida is often seen as an untapped media marke that will continue to see steady growth into the next decade. This is one of many reasons why it is imperative for established businesses to have a firm handle of their communities public relations.


The Latin Influence and Spanish Media

For every industry in South Florida, including Public Relations, the influence of a growing Spanish speaking population demanded new skills. The region is now a primary intersection for bi-lingual public relations services with companies in the US wanting to have an influence in Latin American countries and visa versa.

Media coverage in South Florida not only has an effect on the local population, but internationally as well. Many Spanish language networks that distribute information in North and South America have headquarters or primary satellite offices in South Florida. With a well established Hispanic population in Miami and the constant flow of tourism from Central and South America, South Florida has become one of the most important cities for Spanish media stations.

There are also a large number of organizations and companies with regional headquarters in metropolitan areas in South Florida that focus primarily on a Latin American audience. As expected, there is also a large number of bi-lingual public relations as well as purely Spanish public relations services available in South Florida.

Outside of the Latin-American focus, many national English speaking outlets keep staff in the area because of the amount of news generated here. Major metropolitan areas in South Florida like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, have a strong influence in topics of national discussion. South Florida has a lasting impact on the media coverage locally and nationwide, so public perception on the many businesses and organizations in the area is vital.

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